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Denied CaptainSolo #2

Post by CaptainSolo on May 7th 2016, 5:59 pm

1. PB2 Nickname: CaptainSolo

2. PB2 Profile Link:

3. How long have you been playing PB2?: I have playing for around 1 year.

4. How many kills and deaths do you have?: 543 kills and  480 deaths

4b: What is your level developer’s rank?: Professional

4c: How many player points do you have?: 0.16

5. Are you currently in a clan?: Yes I am, but I am ready to leave.

5b. What clans have you been in before?: I've been in DOB, DLN and AT0MIC.

5c. What made you leave your earlier clans?: Inactivity, no respect, weak players

6. Do you have any alternative accounts?: No

6b. Please list them with profile links:-

7. Who recruited you?: None.

8. Why do you want to join BoZ?: Because in BoZ are the PB2 legends and It will be my pleasure to play with players in BoZ.

9. Which members in BoZ do you know?: Stryde, Max teabag, zakrzew.

10. What can you offer to the clan?: I can offer training players in swords, I can offer to BoZ loyality and respect.

11. How often do you play PB2?: Everyday

12. What server do you usually play in?: Europe

12b. What is your average ping in that server?: 90-100

13. What is your favorite map?: 707-swords, stryde-sniper, eric gurt-railwars1

14. How do you play PB2? (Any specific playing styles?):No

15. What country do you live in?: Bulgaria

16. Extra comments/questions: I really want to join BoZ, because I want to play in that big and strong team. I know that I don't have 2k kills, but I don't play a lot ranked matches. Now I have started playing some more ranked matches.

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Denied Re: CaptainSolo #2

Post by Subcomics on May 7th 2016, 6:35 pm

Your favorite maps are stryde-sniper and eric gurt-railwars1. You applied March 19th, and have managed to get 144 kills on approved maps in the past 50 days, but you say you play everyday. Clearly something doesn't add up.

You're also in DOB, which I'm presuming by the tag is another clan.
You leave first, then apply for Biohazard. You don't apply for Biohazard, stay in another clan, and leave if you are accepted to Biohazard.


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