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Denied Re: JDC55 #9

Post by Aquira on August 6th 2015, 8:08 am

You leaving BoZ just a few days after you were accepted shows that you didn't read through the recruitment process thoroughly, for if you did you would know that the Unofficial Member status is a mandatory procedure.

JDC55 wrote:I don't know why my app looks like this..

This shows that you didn't use the preview button to check your application.


I suggest you to remove all associations with Nuclear.

Question 14 could be elaborated further, right now it looks quite sloppy even though it does answer the question.


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Denied Re: JDC55 #9

Post by Blade on August 6th 2015, 8:16 am

Application denied, you can't be in a clan while applying, you forgot an account : Envy JDC
Feel-free to re-apply on 20 August.

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