JDC55 #2

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Denied JDC55 #2

Post by JDC55 on April 14th 2015, 2:47 am

I made one of these a long time ago but nobody responded to it so im back here again.
I cant really remember what was required so if I miss some things please forgive me for that.
My PB2 name is JDC55
I have currently 3717 kills and 3523 deaths.
My other clan that I quit name is was SCoZ/ScopeZ. I was co owner. But I quit we never did anything with it.
I am currently 13 years old if that is what you have asked in the past. I do not remember.
My Kd is a 1.81
I have 0.83 player points and 2.83 predicted player points.
My profile link is here.
Im begging you guys to please respond this time. Because I don't want to do all this again but you guys didn't respond to me. Thank you for giving me a shot anyway. If im denied I can understand. But just know I will try again. I appreciate it.

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Denied Re: JDC55 #2

Post by Roxxar on April 14th 2015, 2:51 am

We would prefer you to use the application template next time.

Feel free to re-apply in 2 weeks, while simply copying-and-pasting our given application template!


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